Can I share my devices with other people?

If you enter your readings automatically, we ask that you please do not share your devices with other individuals.

This is because the readings from your weight scale and blood pressure monitor will transfer automatically from the devices to your Medly app. Therefore, if another friend or family member were to use these devices, their data would be sent to the Medly app and mixed in with your own. In order to ensure that you receive the correct feedback, we need to be sure that the data we receive is yours only, and so we ask that you please do not share these devices. If you notice that incorrect information has been transferred automatically from your device, please contact your Medly Coordinator to let us know. The number for the Medly Coordinator is provided in your Medly manual, or you can email us through the Contact Us page.

Not sure if you’re using automatic entry? Visit the question ‘What do you mean by “automatic” and “manual” entry?’ to find out.